About Us
Yatra's objective is to provide our Institutional investors risk adjusted returns and capital appreciation through development-led investment opportunities across the Indian real estate spectrum. Since inception Yatra Capital Limited (In Liquidation) has leveraged the strengths of its Board of Directors, the Investment Committee, and the Investment Manager, to deliver a portfolio of investments diversified by product, location, investment duration and risk profile.

Having invested the net funds of the initial EUR 100 million raised in nine investments, Yatra successfully raised a further EUR 120 million by way of a Secondary Offering and Placing in October 2007. Investing through its wholly owned subsidiary K2 Property Limited, a fund registered in Mauritius, the Investment Manager applies in-depth market research and a rigorous due diligence process to source and secure attractive investment opportunities. The strategy is implemented through joint venture partners with extensive sector specific experience, entrepreneurship, and insight into local real estate markets and asset classes.

Our Team
Board of Directors

The Non-Executive Directors bring independent views to the Board. Their diverse experience and expertise add immeasurably to the Board's effectiveness, particularly in the areas of corporate strategy, governance, and risk management. As part of the collective responsibility for the management of the Company, the Board ensures that adequate resources are in place to achieve its strategic aims and its obligations to shareholders and other stakeholders.

Investment Sub Committee

The Investment Sub Committee (ISC) at the Mauritus level is closely involved with every aspect of the investment process, ensuring adherence to a focused, disciplined and consistent manner to achieve optimum results.

With substantive knowledge in all facets of real estate, the ISC members review each of Yatra Capital's investment opportunities, maintaining pricing discipline, and ensuring that all transactions adhere to Yatra's strategy. Further, on an on-going basis, the ISC closely monitors the progress of all projects and provides strategic guidance and inputs to the Investment Manager.

Investment Manager

The Investment Manager, IIAL, assists with every aspect of institutional investing, from strategy, structure and implementing, through to ongoing asset management. Supported by substantive industry knowledge and a well experienced team, with a deep understanding of the local customs, cultures, and relationships, IIAL offers true local insight in a key global market.
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