Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) is more than just one of the 'in' things for companies to be concerned about. CSR is about doing something positive to protect and sustain the environment, and contribute to the society we are concerned about.

Key Principles
  • to minimise the impact of our business on the environment by using natural resources responsibly.
  • to have a positive effect on society by encouraging and supporting community projects.
  • to work with other organisations who embrace these objectives.
We recognise that our Company has the potential to make a significant and positive impact on; our duties environmentally, socially and consideration of these commercially.

  • We will comply with and where possible, exceed all current environmental legislation and meet all other requirements to which we subscribe.
  • We are committed to a process of continual improvement, including the ongoing assessment and reduction in use of raw materials and production of pollution.
  • We will inform our partners and our other local organisations of our activities and where possible, work with them to achieve the same aims.
Socially and in the Community:
  • We will act as a responsible member of the local community and consider our impact on it.
  • We will inform our partners and our other local organisations of our activities and where possible, work with them to achieve the same aims.

  • At Yatra we recognise that sustainable buildings have become a crucial factor in the assessment of the impact of real estate. We are aware that sustainable buildings do not represent a loss in building utility or level of profit, but rather modern sustainable technologies possess proven ability to raise environmental efficiencies while simultaneously bringing real economic gains.
  • We are working with our joint venture partners to design, build and operate sustainable developments that have a low environmental, social and economic impact while enhancing the health, welfare and quality of the people that live and work in them.
  • We will make our policies clearly visible to our partners, and seek opportunities to work together and improve both our own methods and those of our partner organisations. Where practical we will apply a purchasing procedure that reviews the environmental and social approach of any potential supplier.

What do we actually do as part of our CSR policy?
  • We are continuing to work towards a carbon neutral status by, investigating ways to offset our carbon emissions and carbon footprint for those years of business travel since inception. Carbon Offsets can be used to compensate for the emissions produced by funding equivalent carbon dioxide saving somewhere else.
Our CSR policy is something we are continually developing and integrating with more of our business. We hope others share our desire to promote these attitudes and are keen to hear your suggestions on how we can develop our policy further.

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