Investment Strategy
Yatra has targeted high quality real estate investments in India with strong fundamentals and potential for value creation. Investments are diversified not only on the basis of asset class and geography, but also on the basis of timing of Yatra's entry, type of city (Tier I, II & III) and risk / return profile. A disciplined investment approach has helped establish a portfolio positioned to capitalise the growing real estate markets, while providing resilience during market downturns.

The following strategies have been employed in order to achieve the objectives:-

  • Sector and Location Focus
    Yatra has focused on investments across the real estate spectrum in areas with strong local attributes, supported by stable, growing, or emerging demographic and economic trends.
  • Partners of the Highest Calibre
    Yatra has partnered with developers and other service providers who are leaders in their respective fields. All development partners have extensive sector specific execution experience, and valuable insights into the local real estate markets and asset classes.
  • Leverage
    The Investment Manager believes in judicious use of leverage and by virtue of its close relationships with financial institutions, it has proved in the past by obtaining financing on better market terms.
  • Active Management & Value Enhancement
    In addition to a representative seat on the Board of Directors with affirmative rights, the Investment Manager has used its asset management capability to maintain an active involvement and add value at every stage of the project. This includes closely monitoring the construction progress, maintaining the most suitable tenant mix, ensuring high-quality maintenance and upkeep of buildings, and using optimal financial structures for efficient exits.
  • Exit Strategy
    Each asset is periodically analysed with respect to potential disposal. In evaluating any development or investment opportunity, one of the primary considerations has been the potential exit strategy. To that end, Yatra has focused on making investments in high quality, well-located assets that should appeal to a wide group of buyers.
  • Investment Principles
    In addition to its corporate objectives, Yatra is committed to implementing investment principles that ensure it acts in an ethical manner and provides long term benefits to society in general.

    The following investment principles will be applied
    • All projects should be for the overall long-term benefit of the communities they seek to serve;
    • Projects should not cause any damage to the ecological balance and green cover of their surrounding environment;
    • Yatra will conduct its business in an ethical and transparent manner with a strong focus on stringent governance at both the Yatra level and Investment Manager level;
    • Yatra should be modelled as a responsible corporate citizen, while delivering on its targets.
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