Investor Relations
In these challenging times we have sought to maintain a continuous and open dialogue with our investors. The focus of the Board and the Investment Manager has been to provide, on a consistent basis, the most upto-date and accurate information to our shareholders. Since August 2009, we hold a joint investor call every quarter where a detailed update is provided to all shareholders on the state of the economy, the real estate markets and the individual projects. Members of the Investment Manager make themselves available to meet with key shareholders, analysts, future investors and the media. Since late 2013, the Board has decided to have two joint investor calls a year, to coincide with the release of the interim and audited financial results of the company.

The Board is provided regular feedback by the Investment Manager at its board meetings. The Board is also fully informed on any market commentary on the Company made by its directors, Investment Manager and other professional advisors including its brokers. The Board seeks to have an effective investor relations process and monitors it consistently to ensure the effectiveness of the Company's communications
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